Bring your friends and family for a night out at The Old Boot Eatery. Our menu has a selection of pasta, pizza, salad and dessert. We have a KIDS menu and Half orders too! Custom orders available for vegetarians or if you have any food allergies. Please ask your server for more details.

The Old Boot Eatery is a great place to enjoy each other and


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We're open 11am to Close Monday to Saturday


Yes, we make it right here at The Old boot – the best Focaccia Bread on the coast, straight from our ovens to you and served with olive oil and balsamic vinegar dippings

  Home Made Soup – changes daily – served with a slice of focaccia

  House Salad – Generous serving of lettuce & assorted garden vegetables with our incredibly delicious celery vinaigrette

  Ceasar Salad – As with most things in life, ours is simple but good!

   Boot’s own Meat Lovers Bruschetta – Complete with meat sauce, Papa Sita’s Italian sausages, sweet peppers, mushrooms & baked cheese

  Pesto Cheese Bread – Original, baked to perfection!
  Boot Garlic Bread  - Garlic & herb baked on our own bread (comes with a complimentary breath mint!)

   Cheddar Bread – It’s a beddar...with cheddar! Topped with roasted red pepper, mayo and hint of garlic

Dinner Salads      
All served with Pesto Cheese Bread!

Fresh Boot Bocconcini, Shrimp & Romaine Salad   - With tomato, onion, celery and croutons.  Tossed together with olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette and topped with cracked pepper and herbs.

Cajun Shrimp Caesar   -    A great blend of romaine, lemon & spice that’s nice!

Boneless Breast of Chicken Garden Salad   -   Tossed with seasonal veggies in our delicious celery vinaigrette

Chicken Caesar Salad   -   Thinly sliced chicken breast layered on a generous Caesar Salad and topped with croutons


We have the perfect PIZZA PIE.  Like all the good things at The Old Boot, we make it
right here.  Thin crust dough, hand rolled, handmade, and hands down,
the best pizza you’ll every find.  One size fits all.  One price fits all!

The Boot Classic
That famous Papa Sita’s Italian sausage, sweet peppers, mushrooms, and the best Boot blend of Italian cheeses.

BBQ Breast of Chicken
We start with our own BBQ sauce, diced chicken breast, shrooms, white onion and mozza

Virgil’s Veggie
Virgil didn’t make this one up, actually, he had nothing to do with it but we love him and his name went with veggie – so, there you go Joe!  Pesto, peppers, zuke’ss, mushrooms, onion and three cheeses.

Rosie’s Spicy Meat-a-ball Pizza
We’ve sliced, spiced, then layered with Gramma Rosie’s famous meat-a-balls on top of a great Italian cheeeezie Pizza Pie.

Chicken Cheddar Feta
Sliced chicken breast, mushrooms, cheddar


The Traditional – Spaghetti anda Meata Sauce, from the kitchen of my fathers’ mother, Rosie Sita, this recipe has been passed on down through three generations...Soon to be four!

Fettuccini Rose’ – A great mix of cream, garlic and tomato basil sauces.

Fettuccini Alfredo – The Old Boot’s version of the classic cream sauce

Pasta Primavera – The vegetables change with the season, but the tomato basil sauce and the linguine are the constants

Penne Pesto – A combination of fresh basil, toasted pine nuts, Romano cheese, and garlic – this dish is finished with white wine, mushrooms and a splash of cream.

Seasonal Veggie Olio – Garlic, white wine and a little chicken stock sautéed with olive oil and thinly sliced vegetables, and finally topped with Romano cheese.

Tomato Pesto – Rotini pasta in a tomato based pesto sauce with spiced mixed herbs and a splash of heat

Grilled Boneless Chicken Breast – Topped with sweet peppers, mushrooms, sun-dried tomato, garlic and a splash of cream.  Served with penne pasta and our Old Boot Tomato Basil Sauce

Chicken Dijon – This one has all the right ingredients!  Fettuccine, sliced boneless chicken breast, cream, basil and a few other secret herbs...mmmmm good!

Penne Salsiccia – Our number one selling pasta.  It’s a great combination of our own Papa Sita’s Italian Sausage, fresh and sun-dried tomatoes with mushrooms.

Black Bean Cream  - Sauteed assorted veggies in a tasty cream sauce made with a pureed blend of black bean, herbs and cream.

Meat-a-Balls anda Rotini – Simply...da best!! ............... (Warning...It’s Addictive !)

Home Made Italian Sausage & Meat-a-Ball – Served with rotini and our rich meat sauce

Red Hot Clams & Cream Linguini – Baby clams sautéed with garlic, sweet peppers, mushrooms, Cajun spice and cream sauce

Shrimp and Cream – Fettuccini with hand peeled shrimp, sun-dried tomatoes, sweet bell peppers, garlic and cream sauce

Shrimp and Fresh Dill – Fettuccini with lemon, sun-dried tomato, white onion, mushroom, garlic and our lean tomato basil sauce

Prawn Linguini – We’re serving six black tiger prawns cooked in wine, garlic and herbs on top of linguini with sautéed veggies and a tomato based sauce

West Coast Linguini – Three large black tiger prawns along with a generous portion of Papa Sita’s Italian sausage, pepper, mushrooms, white wine, and a fresh tomato basil sauce

Creamy Pesto  - Seasonal veggies...garlic & wine in our own creamy pesto with five black tiger prawns

Cajun Seafood Rose’ – This beauty has clams, shrimp and two tiger prawns, Cajun spice, onion, mushroom and linguini pasta sautéed in a blend of tomato and cream sauces
Stuffed Pasta of the Day – With a rose’ meat sauce topped with Asiago cheese

Add to any Pasta     
A full link of our Homemade Papa Sita’s Italian Sausage
Breast of Boneless Chicken
Two nicea meat-a-balls
Generous portion of Shrimp
Five Black Tiger Prawns

Steak n’ Ribs

Barb-a-qued Seasoned 12oz Rib Eye Steak  
Topped with pan fried sautéed mushrooms.  Steak is served with tomato linguine pasta

Smokin’ Baby Back Pork Ribs   
Finger lickin’ good!  A full rack of smoked ribs, smothered in the Boots’ own barbeque sauce,
Served up with tomato linguini pasta.

The Dynamic Duo –    Half Rack of our Smokin’ Baby Back Pork Ribs,
With a full link of Papa Sita’s Italian sausage, served up with penne pasta and meat sauce

The Rib-tickler Half Rack   
Served with tomato linguini pasta